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Lean manufacturing, Toyota Production System, kaizen, lean enterprise, lean accounting – the world of lean knowledge is vast, and can be very helpful when mined effective. The Lean Library will help you control your own destiny. By arming you with the right information, you create the lean learning plan that’s right for you. Your result is more focused learning in less time allowing you more time to apply these ideas. The Lean Library is the brainchild of Jamie Flinchbaugh, co-founder of the Lean Learning Center, and is a collaborative effort of lean experts and practitioners with the experience to help guide your learning efforts. These contributors include Mark Graban of LeanBlog.org, Shawn Patterson and many others. We have focused these efforts to provide you lean products, lean books, lean articles and other items that can help you.

The Lean Library donates all proceeds to charitable organizations. The Lean Library makes money when you buy books and products or through referrals on advertisements, so please shop here for all your lean product needs. Fitting with its mission, The Lean Library’s donations are focused on educational programs, mostly at universities, that promote lean concepts or other cross-discipline collaboration efforts. Please click away and help us make this site better and ultimately improve the education of students everywhere.

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The Lean Library’s expert lean book reviewers are offering their opinion of the book. Each review is the product of multiple inputs. However, we know that this is only an opinion and open for debate and dialogue, which we encourage. We will not change our review but do offer you a chance to submit your own addendum to the review, which we will gladly post at the bottom of the review. Please keep your addendum to under 500 words.

Reader Requests

Instead of waiting until we reviewed every book under the sun to launch The Lean Library, we launched the site with a small portion of our intention. We will continuously add reviews until we run out of books. If there is a book that you would like to see reviewed, please contact us and we will do our best to move it up on the list. If there are other products that you would like to see reviewed, please let us know.